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Since 2000, Inspired Energy Solutions have been at the forefront of energy procurement for commercial and industrial clients. With a wealth of vastly experienced analysts and industry-leading experts, we are well equipped to assist your business in significantly cutting down on energy costs and usage.

Inspired Energy Solutions

Who We Are

With outstanding results time and time again, we have a proven track record with thousands of satisfied clients. But don’t just take our word for it; our numbers speak volumes. Over 150 employees across 3 offices (2 UK, 1 RoI). More than 6,775 clients managed. Over 9 billion kWh managed… Read More »

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Our Mission

Passionate and forward thinking–an expert approach to energy procurement for large businesses.

What We Do

Inspired Energy Solutions offer a range of services to large businesses, which could dramatically reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions. We will discuss your particular needs and recommend the strategy that best works for your business specifically; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with us. Our services… Read More »

Independent energy procurement, management and advisory services for the industrial and commercial sectors.

Energy Procurement

Risk Management Team Market Update

Market Overview While prompt prices opened Monday above their previous week’s closes, they quickly softened thanks to strong wind generation and the scheduled return of the Abertha...

Bureau Services

Risk Management Team Market Update

Market Overview UK Market factors told 2 individual tales this week, one each for the near and far price curves. The week opened with a further jump in oil price. After closing at...

Market Analysis

Risk Management Team Market Update

Market Overview Forecasts of cold temperatures steadied prices over the main Christmas period, sentiment that was further supported by a lack of wind generation. A strengthening of t...

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