5 simple energy saving tips for the Christmas shut down


Managing your site’s operational costs is always a challenge, and we want to ensure you’re only ever paying for what you need. So, if your business shuts down for the festive period, here are 5 simple energy saving tips to help you protect your business from unnecessary costs during closure.

1. Switch off and shut down IT equipment

Turn off any lighting, computer equipment (that can be) to reduce your consumption over the shut down period. It sounds an obvious one, but it’s important to certify that any computer equipment is completely shut down and turned off at the plug, rather than simply set to ‘sleep mode’. Typically, most computers consume between 3-10 watts in sleep mode, which isn’t much compared to when it’s switched on, but can add to your electricity bill. In fact, ensure all office equipment (except essential servers) is turned off. 

2. Turn down the heat

If your building or site will remain completely empty over the Christmas period, you’ll want to adjust your heating and reduce its output, if not turn it off completely if you’re able to. Although you may want to leave it on a low heat for bursts of time throughout the day if you’re located in a particularly cold region to prevent your water pipes from freezing over. The same goes for any air conditioning units – disable all comfort cooling whilst no one is on site.

3. Empty and turn off appliances

Don’t forget that appliances like fridges, freezers, kettles, and toasters etc can all use electricity by just being plugged in an on at the switch. A simple and easy way to save on your energy bill is to ensure all fridges and freezers are emptied and unplugged along with any other kitchen appliance. Other appliances include fans, heaters, desk lamps etc. Where possible, also power off any vending machines. If cleaners are on the premises, make sure they’re aware of the switch off plan.

4. Isolate equipment

Before you close, it’s worth isolating all non-essential plant machinery and ensuring they are turned off (if applicable). This also extends to your air conditioning and any heating or cooling systems you have in place – if they’re not essential. Ensure that all windows and doors are closed to reduce the likelihood of draughts and lower temperatures throughout your building.

5. Review timed controllers

If you have any systems on timed controllers, make sure these are reviewed. If they still need to be operational over the closure, perhaps consider reducing the time they are on for. Ensure you also review the operational temperatures of everything on site in light of expected use or occupancy, with minimum setback temperatures being used where possible.


Following these simple steps can help to keep your operational costs as low as possible over the Christmas closure. If you’d like to speak to our energy experts about reducing your energy consumption, get in touch on hello@inspiredenergy.co.uk or give us a call on 01772 689 250.