Regardless of your utilities challenge, our team of experts can provide you with the correct solution. We will relieve you of the burden of managing the many utility cost pressures currently confronting businesses. This means you can focus on running your organisation as profitably and effectively as possible.

Established in 2000, Inspired Energy has grown to become one of the largest energy consultancies in the UK, and is now part of a group of companies within Inspired plc (INSE:LSE). You can learn more here.

Our Mission

  • Secure the most appropriate utility supply contracts
  • Validate you are paying the correct amount
  • Manage the registration and maintenance of your utility consuming assets
  • Inform you of unusual activity with your utilities
  • Simplify your investment decisions
  • Protect you from failing to meet your statutory obligations and market risk
  • Empower and enable our people to deliver value to our stakeholders
  • Reward good performance in a fair and consistent way with a meritocracy
  • Develop our people by providing an environment where they can maximise their potential by their actions and deeds
  • Maintain a prudent and appropriate application of capital that is consistent with market opportunity
  • Accelerate the organic growth engine of the business towards its full potential
  • Consolidate the market and deliver the economic returns available from the buy and build community
  • Participate within the national and local community to add value to society
  • Improve the environment in which our stakeholders live and work
  • Collaborate with like-minded organisations to accelerate the value that can be added