Businesses choose to work to with us because of our bespoke service which meets your specific needs, as opposed to a one size fits all approach. We create cost and efficiency benefits for you through long-term partnerships that centre on our Value Proposition of:

 Inspired Energy Value Proposition


Analysing energy prices is a complex and daily task. We solve that complexity for you by providing access to our market analysts and risk managers which businesses don’t have in-house. We create and deliver bespoke fixed or flexible procurement strategies that suit your budgetary needs and appetite-for-risk.

Once you have supply contracts in place, invoicing and forecasting processes are complicated particularly when budget certainty is required.

We simplify this by making sure you are being charged correctly and by taking control of the administration of your utility invoices. We apply this expertise to integrate to your accounting processes, so that your finance teams can comply with their accounting obligations.


Once you have your contracting under control, you need to understand how you use energy and water better. We can help you to measure, visualise and optimise your consumption patterns to avoid costs and monetise opportunities.

Collecting, analysing and visualising utilities data is a time consuming and specialist job. We help you deliver performance improvements across your estate by presenting data in meaningful and relevant ways to target and reduce wastage. We perform a role as your outsourced energy management team by acting upon any analysis to implement energy and water cost saving measures.


To futureproof against rising energy costs and create new revenue streams or achieve sustainability goals, we can help you invest into self-generation or renewable energy schemes.

Once you have optimised your utilities cost situation, you can look to structurally improve the baseline of your operations through calculated capital investment and savings based programs. We support you in making that investment decision and verifying the subsequent return on investment.


We help you manage your interactions with the suppliers and third parties, so you don’t have too. Revenue recovery audits identify structural overcharging by suppliers and we make sure you receive what refunds are due to you, creating a clean dataset for future energy procurement and efficiency programs.

The energy legislative landscape is varied and complex. We make sure you are aware of existing and future energy laws and regulations and help you comply with your statutory duties. We help clients obtain any cost relief by applying for environmental management schemes and achieve best practice through energy management accreditations and standards.