As a consultancy, we’ve got the strategic brains and technical expertise to solve just about any utility challenge you care to throw at us, regardless of size, sector or complexity. We recognise that utilities costs are rising and you need to keep innovating to keep on top of things.

To deliver successful utilities management strategies, it is as much about what you do internally as what you do externally. We have real strength in depth and expertise in a number of sectors including:


We understand that rising energy costs form a constant challenge for manufacturers in a highly competitive market. Identifying and capturing any opportunities for savings and efficiencies are essential. This helps you deliver your products on time and to budget. From securing the best supply contracts to mitigating rising non-commodity charges to complying with growing legislative standards, we have the expertise and track record to help you.


In the battle of the high street and age of the consumer, we understand that keeping utilities costs to a minimum is crucial for retail and leisure businesses. Our team of experts specialise in delivering solutions for multi-site leisure and retail estates. We alleviate the problems of collecting and simplifying billing data; delivering budget certainty; meeting the growing regulatory demands and recovering cost and usage savings


Commercial property managers and corporate office estates face multiple and constant challenges around managing site churn; tenant recharging; achieving fixed budgets; complying with regulations and delivering first class sustainability data reporting.

From predictable energy procurement to managing site changes and delivering tenant recharging, our property specialists work in partnership with your internal teams to meet the exacting standards of busy asset and site managers. Complying with increasing regulatory pressures is something we understand and can solve for you from MEES to ESOS and CRC.


We understand that public sector and third sector organisations are always looking at ways to reduce spend and consumption as they seek to meet savings targets and demonstrate value-for-money. In addition to meeting any EU Procurement Regulations, organisations often find themselves with incomplete site lists, estimated utility bills and default unit rates, leading to overpayments and poor data visibility.

We solve these challenges through a robust utility management solution that reduces billing errors, simplifies procurement activity and makes available accurate, complete and meaningful data.


Transportation and logistics operators often have multiple sites spread across the country, usually with different energy demands. However, the need to control energy costs and meet ever increasing regulatory standards remains. Our experience and expertise with transportation operators and logistics companies ensures we can help you take control of your utility expenditure, whilst complying with any legislation and reducing your carbon footprint.


As energy costs continue to rise and environmental legislation becomes increasingly complex, more businesses are investigating the opportunities offered by renewable energy projects such as wind turbines, anaerobic digestion, CHP Plants, photovoltaic generation (via solar panels) and small-scale hydroelectric plants. Our renewable energy experts can guide you through the entire process and help lessen risk and avoid common pitfalls.