Commercial energy management software: The best features to look for


Commercial energy management software (EMS) is key for any business to successfully implement and manage their energy. Monitoring and managing energy can save thousands in costs and help to support improved sustainability.

When it comes to shopping around for a commercial energy management software, what features should you look out for to ensure you have the best EMS for your business?

Here’s what to look for in energy management software

Knowing what to look for in an EMS that will support business goals isn’t easy as there are many options on the market. As energy experts, we help to manage thousands of businesses energy management and understand what features are needed for the best EMS.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is essential for any businesses EMS as it provides vital energy data moment by moment, rather than on a time delay. This allows businesses to gain an overall view of their usage as you can’t monitor what you can’t see.

Historical data

Having a record of historical data is also important when choosing an EMS for your business. Being able to view and compare current energy consumption to previous years will help to identify trends and highlight any previous issues.

Meter-software integration

It’s also vital for any EMS to have the ability to integrate both hardware and software – meters and instruments and computer applications. Meters need to communicate seamlessly with an EMS to not only provide real-time meter readings but to help make better informed decisions about energy needs.


Every business’ reporting requirements will be unique which is why it’s important to know that customised reports can be created in an EMS. Collating data and pulling it into desired reports depending on what you’re wanting to demonstrate can help ensure vital information is displayed clearly.

Profile alerts

You are only able to deal with an issue in your energy consumption if you’re aware it’s happening. Which is why it’s vital to ensure your EMS has the ability to automatically detect unusual patterns of energy consumption from your half-hourly (HH) data. Coupled with a service like our Profile Alerts, which increases visibility of these issues, enabling them to be resolved as quickly as possible to drive energy efficiency.

Finding support from a trusted expert

Working alongside a trusted and knowledgeable energy expert, who can ensure your EMS is the best fit possible for your business and it’s energy aims can help further enhance your businesses efforts. To discuss how Inspired Energy’s experts can help, get in touch today on 01772 689250 or email