We can provide a fully inclusive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting service to enable your organisation to meet its reporting obligations. We use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to report emissions figures in line with DEFRA environmental reporting guidelines. Our GHG service is fully integrated with the bureau service and shares data sources and structures.

At an early stage, we will confirm the organisation’s operational boundary with respect to the GHG Protocol to ensure that relevant emissions figures are calculated, and that all appropriate emission sources are included in our reporting.

Our management database is used to store the organisation’s utility invoice and profile data. This system captures the data and allows it to be reported for GHG purposes.

Emission scopes:

  • Scope 1 covers direct combustion fuels including gas, gas-oil and LPG, as well as direct transport emissions.
  • Scope 2 covers indirect emissions including use of grid electricity
  • Scope 3 covers other indirect emissions, such as transport activities using vehicles not owned or controlled by the organisation

Total tCO2e will be reported to the organisation in terms of the total carbon footprint, and broken down into the three Scopes and compared against the base year. We will also calculate the tCO2 per FTE, or any other intensity measure required by the organisation. We will also provide comment in regard to underlying drivers such as heating degree-days and operational changes.

We will deal with any offset credits and/or approved green tariff electricity information provided by the organisation, and incorporate this information into the calculations and reporting outputs appropriately.