From 31st October - 12th November 2021, the UK hosted COP26 - the United Nations’ 26th annual global climate change conference. During the conference, over 190 world leaders worked together to reach an agreement on how to tackle climate change in order to achieve global net zero by 2050 and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

COP26 may be over, but the decisions that were made there are likely to impact organisations across all industries as we move towards net zero. Here you’ll find a range of content designed to help you understand the announcements that were made and new targets that were set at COP26 and prepare your business for a net zero future.

Your essential COP26 guides

November 2021 hosted one of the most important events across the globe, known as COP26.

The summit took place between 1st – 12th of November with around 30,000 attendees – many of whom are seeing this as the most significant climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

But what is COP26 and why is it so important?

We've launched a handy guide to help businesses get to grips with the two-week event.

Click below to download our Insight Guide, so you can learn everything you need to know about the UN Climate Change Conference.

COP26 Guide

Business Energy: your complete guide to getting ahead

If COP26 has inspired you to make sustainability a priority within your organisation, taking control of your energy is a great place to start. Download our guide to discover our experts’ best advice on how to get to grips with your organisation’s energy usage, from auditing your consumption to validating your bills.

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During COP26, world leaders focused on a different aspect of sustainability each day - from how we can finance a greener global future, to how we can decarbonise key areas such as our energy and transportation systems.

Inspired Energy’s carbon reduction specialists monitored updates from COP26 and shared their insights with businesses daily - and it’s all here for you to learn from!

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Green Funding

Funding solutions to support your net zero journey

3rd November, 2021

Identifying funding solutions to support your decarbonisation efforts, can be challenging and time consuming even before you get to the application stage.   There are many funding schemes for all types of businesses with the aim of helping you to cut your energy usage and reduce your carbon emissions. We investigate some of the most common ones here.  Industrial Energy Transformation Fund  The Industrial Energy... Read More »

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Financing your journey to net zero

3rd November, 2021

As a business, keeping on top of your finances will be near the top of your priority list and may impact much of your decision making. When forming and implementing your business’s net zero strategy, you may be concerned about how much low-carbon technologies can cost to implement.  Understanding what additional monetary support is available is key to helping alleviate the worry of meeting your net zero targets, so you don’t miss out... Read More »

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Need a comprehensive guide to business energy? Look no further.

We encompass decades of knowledge on how to better manage your business' energy strategy; from procurement and auditing to reducing consumption and supporting your net zero goals.

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The climate change impact on water

18th October, 2021

By Chris Tarr, Director: Water Services Ahead of the COP26 conference later this month, the Environment Agency (EA) has said that ‘England must prepare itself for more floods and droughts, rising sea levels and greater pressure on water supplies due to climate change’. Their warning has followed that of the... Read More »

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Decarbonising transport: Driving towards a net zero future

10th November, 2021

Transport is one of the largest contributors to our carbon emissions. With the UK producing 455 MtCO2e of GHG emissions in 2019 alone and accounting for 27% of the UK’s total emissions in 2019, decarbonising transportation is vital in tackling climate change and reaching our net zero targets. Transport was... Read More »

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Decarbonising Transport

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Celebrating women in the energy industry

9th November, 2021

At this years’ COP26 conference held in Glasgow, there will be a focus on Gender, with a day dedicated to exploring women’s participation against climate change as well as the promotion of gender equality across the globe. According to the ICUN, women are disproportionately affected by climate change and it... Read More »

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Youth & Public Empowerment

Net zero – Driving the next generation

5th November, 2021

Did you know that Generation Z is pursuing careers focused on addressing the climate crisis more so than other generations? Generation Z ranks climate change as the most important issue of our time according to the Amnesty International Survey.   Young activists like Greta Thunberg, who burst onto the climate change scene at age 15 in 2018, have been driving a stronger call... Read More »

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Key COP26 Highlights

Webinar: COP26- What does it mean for you?

Catch up with our COP26 summary webinar for the key messages and business opportunities from the two-week conference and find out how the decisions made may impact your organisation. 

Join our experts Georgina Penfold and Kevin Jackson; register below to watch on-demand. 

Georgina Penfold

Director: Regulated Services

Kevin Jackson

Head of Social Value


Get set for net zero

COP26 may be over, but if your organisation’s journey to net zero is only just beginning, then you need to have a clear plan in place to ensure that you can reach your decarbonisation goals.

Whether you’ve already crafted your plan, or you’re not sure where to start, try out our Net Zero Plan Builder to find out how your business compares to your competitors when it comes to net zero. We’ll even send you a personalised report with practical next steps for improving your approach to net zero!

Build your net zero plan
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When it comes to net zero, our energy and ESG experts are on hand to make sure that your business has our full support to achieve your sustainability goals, now and in the future.

If you could use some net zero support - from setting an achievable target, to implementing decarbonisation measures - please don’t hesitate to talk to our team on 01772 689 250 or email

Georgina Penfold

Georgina Penfold

Director: Regulated Services

With a background in energy management, George looks after the Regulated Services division at Inspired Energy, providing customer solutions to help comply with standards and regulation, including compliance with the Public Contract Regulations and ISO14001. She has over 10 years’ experience of delivering compliant and pragmatic carbon reduction solutions for the public sector and is a well-known industry commentator. Georgina has been described by clients as “one of the most trusted voices in the utilities sector today” and is actively involved in improvement discussions with government, regulators and other key agencies.

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

Head of Social Value

Starting working life as an Electrical Engineering Apprentice in Industry 1984, Kevin first became involved in Energy Management and Energy Procurement with the 1MW Deregulation in 1990. Since then, Kevin has helped develop and optimise the delivery of energy procurement, energy efficiency and carbon management services to local authorities, Housing providers, Education organisations and Utility providers. Kevin joined Inspired Energy in 2020 as Head of Social Value and is responsible for the co-ordination and development of not only Inspired’s Social Value, but also that of the Framework suppliers.

Ben Rouncefield-Swales

Ben Rouncefield-Swales

Director: Optimisation Services

A Senior Director with nearly 20 years’ experience within the energy, sustainability and environmental sectors. Ben currently heads up our Optimisation Services Division which designs, develops and manages optimisation services. Ben has amassed a wealth of experience managing and improving water and energy efficiency, as well as delivering carbon and energy management services. Ben draws upon his diverse practical experience to build collaborative operational and commercial teams that provide exceptional services to our clients.

Mark Dickinson


"Businesses will play a vital role in helping the UK achieve its net zero ambition, and we are committed to helping them achieve their decarbonisation goals. We also want to lead by example, ensuring our own net zero and ESG objectives are embedded into our daily operations."