Utility Online Reporting

We provide a comprehensive range of relevant and meaningful management information across all utilities so that you can make informed decisions. Our Software Services and Reporting teams make available a wide range of reports so that consumers can take control of their energy and water usage and monitor consumption at meter, site or group level.

We offer a number of online energy dashboards to display usage information throughout an organisation. Dashboards are fully configurable and are designed to highlight a site’s consumption over a specified comparison period.

Our comprehensive reporting suite and ability to develop new reports ensures that, no matter what arrangement of data is required, we can produce suitable reports for all energy management purposes.

Some of the energy reports available online include:

  • League tables and performance indicator reports
  • Consumption totals and breakdowns
  • Cost totals and breakdowns
  • Year-on-year comparisons and increase reports
  • Location, group and estate management summaries
  • Invoice totals and meter reading statements
  • Profile data maximum demand, power factor and load factor reports
  • Infringement and exception reports
  • Degree days vs consumption, traffic light and benchmark reports
  • Detailed location and meter asset reports

Bespoke Management Information

Our team of Data Analysts and Reporting Architects create new or bespoke reports to meet any specific utilities reporting requirements.

Reports can be made available through our online portal or pushed out directly to you. Our portal is accessed by individual user logins, which can be configured to provide access to a wide range of options appropriate to a user’s needs.

In addition, reports can be delivered to users via scheduled emails. The system automatically produces a report to pre-agreed criteria and sends it directly to a specified contact. This option is useful where reports need to be produced on a regular basis or in great quantity.