Holiday Parks Water Management – Save water, save money

Save water, save money

For many holiday parks, water is crucial to providing guests with a comfortable, enjoyable stay. From filling the pool to keeping guests clean, a significant amount of water is used across a park every single day.

It’s perhaps unsurprising, then, that these resorts typically face high utilities bills. In fact, if you have an indoor swimming pool on site, the energy required for heating and ventilation can account for up to 65% of your total energy usage.

With water being used for so many different purposes around your site, it can be difficult to see where water may be being wasted and where efficiencies could be made. But with utilities bills accounting for as much as 30% of holiday parks’ total running costs, finding ways to bring your water costs down can make a real difference to your bottom line.

Here are two simple steps you can take to reduce your water bills:

Check your charges

When searching for savings, your bills might not be the first place you consider – but there could be hidden savings within your water bills.

That’s because water suppliers can make mistakes when it comes to the varying elements that make up your water bill. Water bills vary depending on whether you are metered or un-metered, with businesses paying a standing charge plus either a volumetric rate or a charge related to the rateable value of your property. You’re also likely to be billed for sewerage services, and water companies have different approaches to charging for surface water drainage and highway drainage. It is therefore unsurprising that with the complexities of your water bills, you could be making overpayments due to unit cost errors.

You might also consider carrying out a historical recovery audit, to help you to unearth billing errors that may have occurred in the last five to six years depending on your location.

Keep an eye on your consumption

Getting to grips with your water consumption is crucial when you’re looking to reduce your water bills. You need to understand what is typical for your site and for different areas and processes so that you can identify key areas for improvement and measure any efficiency actions you implement.

The right software can help you to gain a clear picture of how much water you’re using, and flag any unusual patterns of consumption. This can be particularly useful when it comes to detecting any leaks that may occur, which can be costly unless they are found and fixed quickly.

Expert support

When you’re concentrating on running your holiday park, it can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to validating your bills and improving your water efficiency.

That’s where having the support of Inspired Energy’s team of optimisation experts can make a real difference. Whether you need help with bill validation, revenue recovery audits or finding ways to save water, they’re on hand to help – give them a call today on  01772 675 294 or email