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At Inspired Energy we work with over 130 data centre sites including enterprise, colocation and hyperscale, which has given us an in-depth understanding of the issues that affect you and the opportunities that you can benefit from.

As specialists in the data centre sector, we work in partnership with data centres to help them become more efficient in their approach to energy, supporting them with 100% renewable energy procurement, as well as providing expert guidance on all aspects of utility and carbon management to ensure their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is as low as possible.

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More than just energy procurement

We specialise in providing utility services for data centres, so we understand all of your pain points. Our services go way beyond the traditional energy procurement offering and include:

• Tenant re-billing
• Energy accounting
• Sustainability strategy
• Fixed or flexible procurement
• Compliance/reporting requirements

• Siteworks (meter installations)
• Climate Neutral Pact obligations
• Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) grants
• Emerging Markets Intelligence reports
• PUE benchmarking tools

We believe that your utility partner should work as an extension of your business. That’s why we can provide an on-site contact that will work alongside you to ensure we fully manage all of your utility requirements.

Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

In January 2021 the European Data Centre Association launched a self-regulatory initiative called ‘The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact’ designed to support the EU’s climate neutral goal by 2030 by increasing data centre sustainability. Now more than ever, data centres are under increasing pressure to become more efficient and sustainable, we can help create a plan of action to meet your needs.

What does the pact involve?

Data centre operators and trade associations have agreed to focus on the following areas to make data centres climate neutral by 2030:

• Energy Efficiency
• Clean Energy
• Water Conservation
• Recycling and Reusing Materials

We can help you create and implement a strategy to meet all of your sustainability requirements.

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How efficient is your data centre?

Data centres are coming under increased pressure to become as efficient as possible, use our PUE calculator to measure your data centres efficiency and find out how it can affect your carbon footprint.

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