Monitoring and Targeting

Turn insight into savings with our Energy and Water Profile Alerts service.

What are Energy and Water Profile Alerts?

Energy and Water Profile Alerts are a service that warns you when unusual patterns of excess consumption occur.

Alerts are sent directly to a designated person, providing visibility of wastage and abnormal consumption, allowing your onsite team to investigate and identify the cause quickly, helping reduce consumption and cost.

Energy and Water Profile Alerts Process

Our Profile Alerts service has been designed to increase visibility and drive site engagement in 3 simple steps:

How they work

We take half-hourly data feeds from your meters and feed them into our Profile Alerts system for analysis. Our software detects unusual consumption and send alerts to the relevant sites. Depending on the type of service, our dedicated team of experts contact prioritised sites to ensure that major issues are raised with site personnel and help them tackle the underlying problems.

Creating profile target: We set appropriate consumption thresholds for each site based on historical data and other site information, such as opening hours or floor area.

Monitoring against target & detecting exceptions: Consumption for each meter is monitored and where it breaches target i.e. outside of threshold, exception alerts are automatically generated and emailed to a designated person allowing a rapid response to any significant deviation or overuse.

Dedicated support team: We contact sites, providing site mangers with advice and support to help them identify the cause and find a resolution. Talking through the potential causes with a utility expert is proven to help pinpoint the ‘real’ cause for overconsumption faster.


Gas and Electricity

Businesses with half-hour metering who are serious about tacking their energy wastage will benefit from our Interactive Energy Profile Alerts service.



Many businesses are still relying on manual water meter reads, that’s why we provide a Water Profile Alerts with Datalogger service.

How can they help your business?

For multisite portfolios and energy/water intensive businesses, looking to get to grips with half-hourly data can be time-consuming.

Businesses who are serious about improving their energy and water efficiency and reducing unnecessary spend will find this service beneficial.


Save your time and reduce utility costs through targeted actions and avoid overspend


Ensuring health and safety by pre-empting and mitigating building damage and wider issues


Long-term carbon reduction - helping you turn insights into savings


Drive energy efficient behaviour through increased visibility of wastage



Reducing consumption via Profile Alerts can support your SECR and ESOS reporting, and also form part of your net zero strategy.

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