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The Final Countdown

The third phase of the scheme must be completed by

5th December 2023

1167 days, 9 hours, 20 mins

Eligible organisations need to review their total energy consumption, including buildings, industrial processes and transport and conduct audits to identify energy saving opportunities.

Non-compliances, such as failure to submit on time, can incur penalties from the Environment Agency (EA). Penalties range from publication of non-compliance on the EA’s website, to a £50,000 fixed penalty. Fines will increase for each day of non-compliance.

There are four potential routes to compliance. Our ESOS Lead Assessors will work with you to understand the best option for your business:

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The first route available for ESOS compliance is to carry out an energy audit. This process gives the organisation clarity on the savings that each opportunity brings.

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If you have an accredited ISO 50001 system you will be considered to have met the obligations of the ESOS scheme, providing it covers 100% of the organisation’s energy footprint.

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A Green Deal Assessment (GDA) includes an Energy Performance Certificate and an Occupancy Assessment. Similar to DECs, a GDA is completed by a qualified assessor.

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A DEC is based on the operating data of a building and comes with an advisory report. They are designed to help businesses improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.


qualification thresholds: any organisation that either…

Employs 250+ people

Has an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euro and an annual balance sheet total in excess of 43 million euro

Is an overseas company with a UK registered establishment which meets either of the previous two criteria

We identified savings of over £14m for our ESOS Phase 1 clients

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Do you see ESOS as a cost to your business or an investment?

Let us turn your investment into opportunity. We aim to make ESOS a revenue positive exercise for you following implementation of savings opportunities.

ESOS represents the start of an opportunity to create long term energy, cost and carbon savings which can increase a client’s bottom line profit by reducing their energy overhead.

Benefits that we deliver to you

>We guarantee compliance based on our track record of success
>We turn data into intelligence and guide you through the compliance maze
>We move beyond just compliance and generate long-term energy and cost savings

ESOS Phase 2 Timeline


Legislative COMPLIANCE

Helping clients to comply with their legislative obligations through energy efficiency initiatives and reporting tools.
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