Identifying and tracking unusual patterns of consumption is part of any effective energy management program. The start to any such activity begins with effective metering and sub-metering solutions so that you can measure what you use. From here, our Optimisation experts can perform detailed analysis to highlight areas to reduce wastage and make savings.

Profile Data Alerts

Our software can automatically detect unusual patterns of energy consumption in half-hourly profile data and issue alerts allowing action to be taken. Our solution involves:

  • Analysing data to produce appropriate profile targets
  • Monitoring consumption against target and detecting exceptions
  • Issuing profile alerts and helping site managers take appropriate action

Creating Profile Targets

We analyse historical profile data for each meter and produce a model of energy consumption for each possible combination of month and weekday; i.e. a model half-hourly profile shape for ‘Mondays in January’, ‘Wednesdays in May’ and so on. Public holidays are also modelled. These models are mapped against the calendar for the forthcoming year to create an appropriate profile target.

Monitoring Against Target and Detecting Exceptions

Consumption for each meter is monitored daily and where it is above target i.e. outside of tolerance, exception alerts are automatically generated. The tolerance threshold is fully customisable.

Issuing Profile Alerts

Where exceptional consumption is detected, an automatic profile alert will be generated and emailed to an appropriate person either on site or an appropriate manager. Alert emails can be as recent as Day+1 or as data is available. This allows a rapid response to any significant deviation or overuse.

Example energy issues identified by the Profile Alerts system:

  • Lighting left on outside of operating hours
  • Storage heaters left on after the end of the heating season
  • Spikes indicating electric immersion heaters running outside of the Economy 7 period