Nick Campbell selected for North West Energy Growth Task Force

Inspired Energy Risk Manager, Nick Campbell has been selected to join a panel of industry specialists charged with understanding how the responsible extraction of natural gas from Lancashire’s shale can be used to create jobs, generate economic growth and boost local revenues.

Supported by Centrica Energy and Cuadrilla Resources, the North West Energy Task Force has drawn membership from a range of backgrounds and professions to help address the major challenges facing the current British economy.

The development of shale gas has caused a worldwide debate for both good and bad reasons, however it cannot be denied that shale exploration has had a positive economic impact in the US marketplace. Experts therefore find it promising that UK shale gas could be a key and valuable resource as part of a more diverse energy mix.

“I am honoured and welcome the opportunity to be a member of the North West Energy Task Force panel.”

“Consumers of energy – both domestic and commercial – have felt the pain of rising energy prices, so the prospect of developing competition in the supply side is welcome.”

“The fact that shale gas extraction also allows Lancashire to potentially become world leaders in unconventional oil exploration is an exciting prospect; and one worth exploring given the potential employment opportunities.”

Nick Campbell, Risk Manager