NWL Chamber Utilities

As a member of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, you are afforded access to exclusive support from Inspired Energy, the recommended energy and utilities advisor for NWL members. As one of the UK’s largest energy consultancies, Inspired Energy offers a range of tailored service for members across Lancashire.

As a member of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, you automatically qualify for a free ‘Energy Check’ of your company’s utilities. This no-obligation service provides peace of mind at no cost; either confirming that your energy and utilities are performing well, or unearthing the ways that they may be costing you money unnecessarily.

Once your health check is completed, Inspired will provide support and guidance to allow you to better understand how your business energy is performing, and recommend the measures you can take to reduce the amount of energy you use, improve sustainability and cut down on your energy bills.

Further services available from Inspired Energy include:

  • Energy procurement: Ensuring you receive the best energy service at the optimum price, whatever the size of your business
  • Market Analysis: Real-time market intelligence for energy and commodities, allowing you to make informed business decisions
  • Bureau Services: Over 20 years’ experience delivering high-quality energy management bureau services
  • Energy Management: A range of software and physical solutions allowing you to manage and reduce your energy consumption
  • Historical Audits: Forensic auditing of your energy bills, uncovering any possible historical errors and securing refunds on your behalf
  • Renewable Projects: Leading renewable energy experts to guide you through every stage of a renewable energy project
  • Site Operations: A fully integrated management solution for businesses, facilitating and monitoring site operations

To find out more about the support that Inspired Energy can offer your business, or to arrange a meeting to discuss your energy and utility needs, please complete the form below. Alternatively, contact your Membership Manager and they will happily arrange an introductory meeting.

NWL Chamber Utilities

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