Spot seasonal price highs with our TRIAD Alerts System. Each year, National Grid and its Scottish equivalents are paid a Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) fee in order to finance the cost of maintaining and updating the UK’s electricity grid.

This fee is split between generators and consumers of electricity. Consumers receiving pass-through charges pay their share based on consumption during TRIADs; These are the three highest half-hour periods of system demand between November and February each year, typically occurring during cold weather around 4-6pm, when industrial demand coincides with the domestic tea-time period.

However, with prior warning, you can reduce this charge – which often runs to tens of thousands of pounds – by reducing consumption when you know a TRIAD is going to occur.

Be prepared with advance warning

Our Triad Warning System will provide alerts and help reduce your business energy costs. Clients that wish to benefit from this system can sign up here…

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