As non-commodity charges rise in the composition of energy bills, particularly HH electricity, more analysis is required on ways to mitigate these costs. We have a specialist team which reviews your portfolio to see which sites are affected by high distribution costs and recommend solutions to offset these.

From 1st April 2018 two measures affecting distribution costs has magnified the need to address non-commodity charges. DCP 161 requires Distribution Network Operators to penalise end users for exceeding their agreed available supply capacity level. DCP 228 alters the makeup of the Red, Amber, and Green bands used for distribution charging. Both changes have the potential to increase distribution costs.

We can create a plan to reduce these costs, including recommendations for transferring load to cheaper band times or renegotiating your agreed capacity levels.

We can also advise on the adoption of technology such as battery storage or review your eligibility for entering into demand side response schemes such as the Capacity Market or Frequency Response.