Due to the complexity of electricity, gas and water bills, you may have historical errors waiting to be recovered. Refund opportunities can be pursued in line with the statute of limitations, which allows historical recovery of errors for the last five years in Scotland and six years in the rest of the UK. All audits have no effect on any supplier agreements already in place.

Our Revenue Recovery Audit service includes:

  • All utilities – electricity, gas, water, telecoms and fuels
  • No risk to you – if we don’t find anything, there is no cost
  • No binding commitment – we can carry out historical audits as a stand-alone project, as well as a part of an energy procurement arrangement
  • Significant cost recovery – some errors can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds
  • Minimal impact – we carry out all of the time consuming parts of the process so there is no effect on our clients’ day-to-day activities