As energy costs continue to rise and environmental legislation becomes increasingly complex, more businesses are investigating the opportunities offered by renewable energy projects such as wind turbines, anaerobic digestion, CHP plants, photovoltaic generation (via solar panels) and small-scale hydroelectric plants.

Our experts can guide you through the entire process and help lessen risk and avoid common pitfalls:

  • Regulatory assistance – we can help with OFGEM compliance, ROC certificates, planning constraints and other regulatory issues
  • Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA) – PPAs are the means by which the power produced by your plant is traded. We can help you source the right agreements and manage them going forward to ensure you are paid correctly for the surplus energy you generate
  • Management services – our team provide a range of on-going support services, such as validation of export statements. This frees you up to focus on running your business
  • Potential cost reduction – our experts can help you evaluate whether you could use your plant to reduce cost, such as using grid balancing schemes