Large volumes of water are lost by businesses each year through defective metering, poor monitoring and leakages. Water ineffiencies occur across both single site and multi-site estates and spiral out of control without expert intervention.

We help you improve your water efficiency on your estate, reducing expenditure and avoiding any unexpectedly large bills caused by water leaks or higher than expected consumption.

Our Water Efficiency Programmes can be tailored to suit your needs and include the following:

  • Data logging and measurement to monitor usage and quickly identify unusual patterns of consumption
  • Alarms & Dashboards delivered via our online reporting portal
  • Monitoring and targeting systems to create smaller sub-networks on large sites
  • Leak detection and repair to efficiently and quickly find costly leaks and fix them
  • Network mapping to provide an understanding of what infrastructure set-up you have on your estate
  • Pressure management
  • Water Audits
  • PoolProPlus – a unique swimming pool management solution