Let’s work together


Let’s work together

Join the Inspired plc Partnership Channel and you’ll be joining forces with the UK’s leading energy consultancy.

This is an exciting time for Inspired Energy and our clients. We’re growing our business through strategic partnerships, resulting in improved levels of customer service and market leading cost savings for our clients.

Work with us and you’ll gain access to our dedicated specialist teams, all highly experienced in dealing with the energy demands of businesses.

Why join the Partnership Channel?

Gain a new revenue stream
Based on a percentage of the sale value.

Gain a new set of services to sell
Adding value to your business and building client loyalty.

Access our team of energy and sustainability experts
We negotiate thousands of energy deals that delight our clients.


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It allows your clients or members to access essential utility services, while cutting their bills, reducing consumption and easing the administrative burden.
At the same time, you will be able to generate a new revenue stream for your business, differentiate yourself from your competitors and potentially reach new markets.

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We help corporate businesses optimise the value of every pound they spend on utilities.

We apply a range of solutions aimed at lowering utility bills and future proofing your clients or members against rising utility costs and compliance challenges.

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The energy market is becoming increasingly complex, with constant price movements, rising costs and added pressures. We can solve these problems for your clients or members, no matter what industry sector they occupy, saving them time, money and effort.

Winning partnerships



we do all the work

Our experts will find the best energy and water deals for your clients. As an independent consultancy, we’re free to scrutinise the entire energy market to match our clients and members with the suppliers who who best suit their needs.

Let us use our market analysis insights and negotiation skills to find the right deals for your clients.

Partner with us and you’ll gain access to

Support from experienced market experts

A regular Partner Management Report showing activity and revenue levels

Training to get your teams up to speed

Marketing support



We’ve partnered with many different types of organisation including:


Since 2000, organisations have continually turned to us to successfully manage their utilities budgets.


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