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Flexi PPA Basket Arrangement

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Trade exported electricity via our ‘Basket Arrangement’ to maximise your potential earnings and reap the rewards

Renewable asset owners who are generating electricity via renewables to export to the grid can benefit from a Flexible PPA ‘Basket Arrangement’.

We combine your exported energy with other businesses exported energy to increase the total volume allowing your project to access the wholesale market.

Our in-house team of market analysts and risk managers work together to provide total confidence when it comes to selling energy at the right time at the right price.

1 – 5 Year Contracts

‘Basket Arrangement’ – allowing your exported energy to be traded flexibly within the wholesale market

Dedicated Account Manager

Fully Transparent Service – authenticate the trading activity via an Independent Validator

Fixed Fee – with no hidden costs


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There are no hidden fees and we welcome an Independent Validator to authenticate the trading activity.

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We have an expert team of market analysts and risk managers.

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This gives you the ability to trade flexibly.

“Inspired Energy have brokered a fully transparent flexible PPA, offering the best rates in the market for risk premium, management fees and embedded benefits. There are no hidden charges or margins, it’s a fully transparent product offering the generator peace of mind that they are receiving full value for their generation.” Stephen Kemp, Director of Renewables

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Find out if you qualify

Your renewables project will need to meet specific criteria to qualify for the scheme. Criteria is based on your systems operational performance in particular installed capacity and generation profile.


Sign a 1- 5 year contract

Allowing us to trade your exported energy as part of a flexible PPA ‘basket arrangement’.


Fixed management fee

A fixed management fee is charged per kWh for the administration of managing your energy export.


Option to instruct an Independent Validator

Clients can instruct an Independent Validator to authenticate trading activities, providing you with complete confidence that the basket has been optimised.


Basket arrangement

Your exported energy is combined with other businesses exported energy to increase the overall volume available to trade. This allows your project to access the wholesale market thereby allowing your export to be traded flexibly.


Full transparency

Full transparency is provided throughout the contract term. Monthly trade reports will be communicated along with market insight.



A fronting arrangement has been agreed to help protect against non-delivery, as such we can guarantee that any imbalance charges are not smeared across the basket. By agreeing the risk fee at the front end you need not worry about non-delivery.


Sell it well: Flexi PPA ‘Basket Arrangement’

Non-Basket Arrangement – single trade

A price is agreed on a single market and remains fixed for the duration of the contract.

Basket Arrangement – multiple trades

Energy is traded using an ‘In and Out’ Trading Strategy whereby energy can be bought and sold multiple times over a period to maximise potential earnings.