How does your energy strategy measure up?

The utilities world is a complex one and with the market becoming increasingly volatile, it can be difficult to feel confident in your energy purchasing strategy - especially if you don’t have energy expertise in-house.

And when it comes to buying energy, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach - the best way to buy your energy will depend on your organisation’s unique needs, goals and resources, among other factors.

Discover your procurement score

We've conducted some benchmark research to find out how well businesses are buying their energy and where savings are being missed.

This short challenge will help you discover how your own approach compares to others. Answer 10 quick questions about how you currently buy energy - we’ll then give you a personalised score and advise you on how you could improve your strategy.

“The move from another energy broker to Inspired Energy was seamless. They are friendly, professional, flexible and can work to some very tight time frames. Their web portal is user friendly. They are jargon-busters and everything is clearly explained so everyone in the business can focus on reducing our energy consumption.”

– Hand Picked Hotels