The aim for any business is to secure the most appropriate and economically advantageous supply contract. Our Procurement team offers over 120 years’ of combined experience when it comes to negotiating supply contracts. Acting wholly independent of any suppliers, we use our market analysis insight and negotiation skills to ensure we enter the market at the optimum moment and find the right deal for you.

Our services include:

  • All utilities including electricity, gas, water, fuels, oil and environmental products
  • Analysis of your usage and energy supply needs and an agreed tendering plan
  • Monitor all wholesale energy market drivers and prices to determine the optimum market entry point
  • Send Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) to an agreed range of suppliers meeting Inspired Energy’s and our client’s selection criteria
  • Access to our bespoke and exclusive T&Cs to deliver cost and operational benefits
  • Use our pre-negotiated and risk managed flexible procurement solutions if appropriate to generate additional cost and management benefits
  • Include in ITTs any client specific requirements such as green energy, AMR, payment terms
  • Provide full offer analysis including contract term, price transparency and T&Cs for every ITT we send
  • Deal with all site objections and registrations
  • Manage and monitor compliance for the supply contracts and uphold supplier performance levels on behalf of our clients