We specialise in structuring, managing and implementing successful long-term flexible, risk managed solutions. More energy consumers are taking advantage of flexible products as a way to protect themselves against volatile energy markets and generate cost savings, particularly when compared to traditional fixed price products.

Beginning with the development of your Risk Management Strategy (RMS), you can fix, trade or sell back energy to spread the risk of buying your total requirement. Using our expert risk managers, who have total visibility of the wholesale energy markets, we can help you buy your energy with total confidence and balance all the risks and rewards of energy commodity procurement.

Our comprehensive approach to flexible procurement includes:

  • Choice of bespoke flexible supply contracts including our Multi Client Management (MCM) Portfolios
  • Your own Risk Management Strategy tailored to your procurement objectives and appetite-for-risk
  • Access to all LEBA broker screens and trading platforms for total wholesale market visibility
  • Exclusive price optimisation services for enhanced market engagement
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or seasonal purchase periods, including sell back
  • Access to leading-edge news, technical analysis and statistical models to provide clear views on market behaviour and future movements
  • Weekly market commentary, budget and trading reports