We provide public sector energy consumers with free access to pre-qualified PCR Compliant Framework Agreements.

Framework Agreements provide an easier way for you to comply with the Procurement Directives as well as allowing you to benefit from the purchasing power of all those using the framework.

We understand the challenges and opportunities facing public sector energy consumers.  That is why we provide support throughout the complete process from compliance to procurement.  With a full range of electricity and gas procurement solutions available to solve any budgetary challenge. We can also support utilities businesses with a full market tender process, analysis and recommendation.

Our range of services include:

  • Access to single supplier and multi-supplier compliant framework agreements including options to run mini-competitions to maximise supplier competition
  • Your own Risk Management Strategy tailored to your procurement objectives and appetite-for-risk
  • Full account management including support with any Section 20 and Void management requirements
  • Access to all LEBA broker screens and trading platforms for total wholesale market visibility
  • Exclusive price optimisation services for enhanced market engagement
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or seasonal purchase periods, including sell back
  • Access to leading-edge news, technical analysis and statistical models to provide clear views on market behaviour and future movements
  • Weekly market commentary, budget and trading reports