Since the deregulation of the water market in 2017, new opportunities to better control and reduce your water spend are available through a competitive tendering process.

Tendering water contracts is similar to gas and electricity, but differs in that the Wholesale prices only increase once per annum, during April.

Our highly experienced water team has expertise in bill validation and reduction projects, so we are ideally placed to help you secure the most advantageous water supply contract.

  • Complete independence of any water suppliers, ensuring we maximise the spread of offers
  • Review of water services charges to correct any errors before market engagement
  • ITT development using accurate usage data and offer analysis including recommendations
  • Management of any supplier change including checking of new supplier billing
  • Full bill validation services available to protect against supplier billing errors and access to our water site auditors to identify any ways to reduce usage and costs
  • When the contract is nearing its end, we will repeat the tendering process and aim to improve prices again