Our team can help you in identifying your individual metering and connection needs, from single sites to large multi-site portfolios. These include:

    • Half-Hourly Metering (COP 3 and COP 5)
    • P272 (COP 10)
    • U6-U160 standard gas meters
    • Medium and High pressure gas meters
    • Turbine and Rotary gas meters
    • Industry tested water meters
    • AMR metering
  • Sub-metering and data loggers

We can arrange and manage sub meter installations and data collection, ensuring that all metered areas can see what they are using and any tenanted areas are charged accurately and only pay for what they use.

We work with a large number of meter operators within the UK, which means that our Site Operations Team will not be hindered by the location of the site, or type of meter required.

Our meter operators have a full MOCOPA license with engineers that are able to install any type of meter. All meters used are Elexon accredited and fully compliant with all government legislation and accreditations.

If you are require any of the above services for your electricity, gas or water supplies, Inspired Energy can offer a pragmatic solution. Simply click here and fill in our Site Operations request form.