The UK has over 20 Meter Operators (MOPs), making it challenging to find the right contract for your business with many unaware that service costs can vary greatly. We have built great partner relationships with industry-leading MOPs to ensure that we can offer you the most competitive prices whilst receiving the highest quality data and service.

If you have multiple HH meters, we can help to consolidate your MOP agreements, reducing your time spent managing them.

Combined MOP, Data Collection(DC) & Data Aggregator(DA) Contracts

Data collection and aggregation is also a legal requirement for Half Hourly meters. The DC retrieves your consumption data and the DA validates the data so it can be used by your supplier for billing purposes. Often your supplier will appoint their preferred DC/DA and the service is typically charged via your energy bill. Negotiating a combined MOP DC & DA contract often reduces the overall cost, and provides cost certainty.

Choosing the right DC & DA ensures timely, quality data and efficient fault resolution. High quality data means accurate billing and fast access to this data ensures our Bureau Team can provide a comprehensive validation service ensuring you are never paying more than you should for your energy consumption.

What we will do:

  • Collate your existing MOP contracts
  • Source the most competitive price for you
  • Manage the transition from start to finish

If you are require any of the above services for your electricity, gas or water supplies, Inspired Energy can offer a pragmatic solution. Simply click here and fill in our Site Operations request form.