Changes in the English Water Market

water market changes

Since April 2017, every business in England will be able to choose their supplier from the water market

Just like Electricity and Gas, we at Inspired are able to shop around for you, using our expert market knowledge and huge buying power to get our customers the best deals and maximum savings.

Timetable of market changes

October 2016

English Water Services Wholesale Market will be established and prices set between regional Water Companies and the new Water Services retailers.

January / February 2017

The first retail suppliers will begin issuing price quotations for water supply, wastewater disposal, trade effluent disposal and site drainage. We expect to be obtaining contract offers for our customers for one, two or three year periods.

April 2017

The first ever water services contracts under the new deregulated market begin.

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Key facts

  • Your regional water company will continue to provide the water through the same meter as well as all other wastewater and drainage services.
  • The regional water companies will no longer be your supplier for billing, customer services or account management.
  • Every region will have a new retail supplier, some will be a division of the current regional water wholesale supplier while some will be a complete change. For example, Thames Water will no longer contract with customers supplied in their regional area. A new company (Castle Water) has taken over the rights to supply all Thames Water area customers.
  • Every business customer will receive their bills from a new entity whether they have made a choice of supplier or not.
  • Customers who do not choose a supplier will be charged a default tariff by a supplier not of their choosing.
  • Savings will be available. At this stage we do not have pricing so cannot quote any figures, however the aim of the changes is to increase competition and benefit users.

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What Inspired will do

  • We are already arranging deals with the key suppliers, this will enable us to quote for our customers and find the best supplier for you.
  • We are also checking water services charges to correct any errors before the market changes take effect.
  • When prices are available, Inspired will present you with a range of quotations and offers plus advise you on which way to go.
  • Inspired will provide the supplier contracts for you and manage the change
  • Inspired will check your new supplier billing to ensure the promised savings are achieved
  • Inspired will monitor your invoices and advise on efficiencies and measures to be taken to help reduce consumption and costs throughout the supply contract period
  • When the contract is nearing its end, we will repeat the tendering process and aim to improve prices again.

 What we need from you

  • Send us a recent water services invoice for each of your water accounts.
  • Send us a signed Letter of Authority.
  • Act now and be ready. Do not be left on a default and a supplier chosen for you.
  • Get the best from the new market with Inspired Energy PLC

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