Energy Procurement

Energy is integral to any company’s success, but because energy prices fluctuate from day to day, buying energy at the right time is crucial in order to keep costs low. This is where Inspired Energy Solutions excels.

Whether your energy requirements are big or small, we can help secure you the best energy service for the optimum price. As part of our procurement process, we engage with all suppliers, negotiate supply contract and constantly monitor whether the contract you have chosen, fixed or flexible, is working for you.

Fixed Price Contracts

Fixed procurement services have been the backbone of Inspired and continue to provide our customers with absolute budget certainty. A combination of our excellent supplier relationships, leveraged buying power and market-leading analysis, ensures we can offer customers optimum timing to market, whilst ensuring they get the best possible deal from suppliers.

Features & Benefits

  • Assistance in formulating, understanding and agreeing purchasing objectives.
  • A highly competitive tender to maximise competition between suppliers – with comprehensive usage data analysis.
  • Access to all major utility suppliers in the UK.
  • Support in interpreting pricing information and deciding when to commit to a supply contract – timing is crucial due to market volatility.
  • Fast analysis of quotations to speed up acceptance.
  • Expert advice, ongoing support and consultancy as well as regular market commentary and bimonthly independent market reports.

Our Fixed Price Negotiators

  • 14 leading energy industry experts.
  • Specialists in tracking the market to support clients budgetary needs.
  • Detailed market knowledge to ensure clients get the very best from our tendering process.
  • Provide a thorough negotiation service to optimise supply contract rates.
  • Experience of working with a wealth of different clients, from SME to leading UK businesses.
  • Close links with all major energy suppliers.

Exclusive Budget Defender Contracts

With Inspired Energy Solutions’ Budget Defender product, businesses in the UK can secure a fixed price energy procurement deal, but still benefit from a falling market.

With the Budget Defender, the client purchases all of their energy in advance as part of a fixed contract. However, should the price of energy decrease, the complete freedom to renegotiate or extend the contract is still available either before or during the term.

The Budget Defender allows you to plan ahead and have a high level of budget certainty with a fully fixed energy renewal deal, and yet still hold a trump card should markets fall lower.

This revolutionary contract means that you can fix your energy contracts early to fulfil your company’s budgetary needs, and declare a ‘worst case’ scenario budget to your stakeholders right away.

This exclusive product takes the difficulty out of energy procurement and was shortlisted in the ‘Risk Management Product and Service of the Year’ category at The Energy Awards 2012.

Contract features

  • Provides budget certainty, protects costs
  • Opportunity to reduce actual energy spend, after budget agreement
  • Available for gas and power
  • Discounted ‘green power’ available

Risk Managed Services for Major Energy Users

Inspired Energy has more than 4.75TWh of energy risk managed contracts and since the division was established in 2005, we have maintained a 100% client retention record. Our risk management team ensures clients are offered market leading supplier terms, which are supported with robust trading strategies to ensure each client meets their specific procurement objectives.

Our specialised risk management team will carry out a strategy workshop to establish financial objectives, risk parameters and market engagement rules. Combined with our considerable experience, trading platforms and the Exchanges for the energy markets across the UK & Europe, we identify all opportunities to mitigate price risk.

Features & Benefits

  • Risk-management policy tailored to each client to align procurement strategy with company needs and objectives.
  • Access to all LEBA broker screens and trading platforms.
  • Inspired have more than 65 financial counterparties to enable price optimisation and sleeving.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or seasonal purchase periods, including sell back.
  • Access to leading-edge news, technical analysis and statistical models enable us to provide clear views on market behaviour and future movements.
  • Weekly market commentary, budget and trading reports.

Our Risk Management Team

  • Eight leading energy experts
  • Combined experience of over 60 years
  • Market leading client retention rates since the inception of the division in 2005
  • Experience working with a wealth of different clients, including blue-chip and large multi-site organisations
  • Close links with all major energy suppliers and a detailed understanding of all contract structures